Have a taste for something and no time or desire to cook?
Relax. Enjoy. Bon Appetit.
After a long day at work, allow yourself to imagine coming home to a nutritious and home-cooked meal...ready for you and your family? Imagine further...no racing to the grocery store, no messy kitchen, and no clean up. Simply, a deliciously prepared meal to your liking.
Many career couples, singles, and one parent homes are discovering how welcoming our personal chef services are allowing them to spend more quality time with their families.
More Affordable Than You Think    "Old Fashioned Meals for New Aged People"
Our Home Based  Catering personal Chef Services are quite economical.
Catered To Your Taste Buds
You choose the meals in advance from our extensive menu. We'll cater to your requirements and taste.
For Meal Reservations, Parties, Events & Pricing please contact our office at  347-202-9765.
We look forward to nourishing your appetite!