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About Us


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Through this natural joy of preparing quality menu's and meals, came the birth of a fantastic food/planning business.  Fast forward to 2019, their dream came to fruition.  Sisters Renee Pryor & Michelle Banks partnered and made it official and introduced B&P Catering.  

B&P Catering's philosophy was influenced by their traditional parents who believed dinner time was family time! It was a time to reflect, talk, and enjoy a meal at the dinner table together. Our desire is to have your   families experience those same old time values in a new age. We are dedicated to providing quality home-style meals that warm your belly and comfort your heart!

Two sisters, Renee & Michelle of The Bronx, NY had a dream!  Their dream was to share the gifts their parents, Jean & Calvin Banks Sr. gave them.  The dream was to aspire as one of the best Caterers/Event Planners in the Northeast.  Initially they began catering just for fun, hosting and catering a variety of family functions such as BBQ’s, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, and  Wedding Anniversaries. 

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