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Here at B&P Catering we pride ourselves in preparing food the way you like it.  Tell us how you like it & that’s the way it will be prepared.  Here are some of our most popular tasty food options


 Spinach Dip

 (cal. 124++)

Assorted Cold Vegetable Display

(cal. 85++)

Tomatoes w/Fresh Mozzarella

(cal. 170++)

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

(cal. 300++)

  Grilled Assorted Peppers
  (cal. 119++)
 Chicken Fingers 
  (cal. 240++)
 Swedish Meat Balls 
 (cal. 260++)
Buffalo Wings w/Carrots & Celery 
(cal. 790++)
Mama Banks Delightful Deviled 
Eggs (cal. 145++)


   ​Mixed Green Salad w/additions upon request 
(cal. 125++)
 Chicken Salad 
    (cal. 138++)
 Michelle's Favorite Sea Food Salad 
        (cal. 110++)    
 Tuna Pasta Salad    
        (cal. 127++)       
  Grilled Chicken Garden Salad 
       (cal. 110++)
  Pasta Salad 
  (cal. 143++)
     Mama Banks Potato Salad
   (cal. 119++)



Fried, Baked, or BBQ Chicken (White/Breast) 

(cal. 110++) 
Fried, Baked, or BBQ Chicken (Dark/Legs/Thighs) 
(cal. 130++)
Fried, Baked, or BBQ Chicken (Wings)  
(cal. 86++)
Chicken Parmesan 
(cal. 270++)
Michelle's Famous BBQ Spare Ribs 
(cal. 219++)
Roast Pork (Pernil)
 (cal. 269++)
Honey Glazed Ham
 (cal. 521++)
Roast Beef 
(cal. 252++)
 (cal. 148++)
Kevin's Favorite Meatloaf
 (cal. 235++)


Baked Macaroni & Cheese
   (cal. 310++)
Lasagna w/Meat or Vegetable
(cal. 240++)
Shrimp or Chicken Fettuccine
(cal. 327++)
Baked Ziti
(cal. 21++)
String Beans
(cal. 30++)
(cal. 55++)
Ne's OMG Collard Greens
(cal. 134++)
Mixed Steamed Vegetables
  (cal. 40++)
Steamed Broccoli
(cal. 31++)
Kernel Corn or Corn on the Cobb
(cal. 155++)
White, Stir Fried, Spanish or Rice & Beans
(cal. 150 ++)
(cal. 110++)
  (cal. 177++)
Roasted Potatoes
(cal. 161++)
Mashed Potatoes
  (cal. 107++)
Assorted Rolls
   (cal. 160++)


Mama Banks Famous

Chocolate Chip Cookies

(cal. 78++)

Michelle’s Famous Fried Chicken 

Cal. 130++

 Prepared anyway you like “Fried,   Baked, BBQ"

Mama Banks Potato Salad

Cal. 119 ++

The best on God’s Green Earth


Cal. 150 ++

 Prepared anyway you like “White, Stir Fried, Spanish or Rice & Beans"

Mixed Green Salad

Cal. 125++

Toss Mixed Green Salad w/ Lettuce, Tomatoes & Carrots) & additional upon request

Michelle's Famous BBQ Spare Ribs

Cal. 219 ++

Seasoned, Tender, Juicy & Finger Licking Good

Ne’s OMG Collard Greens

Cal. 134 ++

Greens so good it will make you forget about everything else off your plate

Kevin's Famous Meatloaf

Cal. 235++

The perfect hardy meal made with Beef or Turkey

Michelle's Favorite Seafood Salad

Cal. 110++

Tasty, healthy & light at the same time with no regrets

Mama Banks Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cal. 78++

Just can't have 1 "The Omg Soft & Tasty Sweet Treat in Town

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